Gamification to help young people create healthy habits in a fun, social and engaging way

Yomp is piloting alongside Toshiba a digital Health & Wellbeing platform which allows young people to engage with all the key areas identified by the challenge partner (emotional wellbeing, nutrition, physical activity and sleep). It would utilise industry-leading practices from gamification and behavioural economics to help users create healthy habits in a fun, social and engaging way.

As a brief overview, young people would sign-up to the online “Hub” and then be able to form teams, sync with popular wearables/apps, track stats, take part in challenges, set goals and win prizes/rewards for their efforts – like an “AirMiles” for healthy behaviour.​ This would all be accessible via tablet/laptop/desktop alongside a mobile app (Android & iOS). The system is live 24/7 but the key periods are two or three challenges (“interventions”) throughout the year which are one month long and twinned with marketing material to drive uptake.

​​Yomp has been providing a similar solution to corporates for the past few years but solely focused on reducing sedentary behaviour. We are extremely passionate about (i) getting our platform into the hands of Young People and (ii) expanding our award-winning methodologies to areas outside of exercise — namely nutrition, sleep and mental health.

Yomp has secured a £35k grant from Innovate UK to pilot this offering in primary schools and our programme will help them to develop, test and scale this offering.​

Photo credit: Dmitry Boyarin